KTC Technology Group
KTC was rated 5A- by D&B
Source:KTC / Send time:2018-09-27

KTC was rated as a 5A- company with a steady financial status and a good corporate credit in the appraisal report which was issued by D&B.

For a corporate credit rating, the scores in the report are determined by reference to the whole industry and based on the main scoring standards of risk assessment and payment index. D&B's risk early warning has a full score of 10; the lower a score is, the smaller the risk. KTC was rated as 4 for risk early warning lower than the average value of the industry, and listed in the 30% companies with lower scores. D&B's payment index is between 0 - 100; the higher a score is, the better the performance. KTC was given a score of 80, representing "timely or anticipated payment" and higher than the reference value of the industry. KTC was finally rated as 5A- by D&B, according to risk early warning indicator and payment index and in consideration of KTC's financial strength.  

That KTC was rated 5A- by the largest and the most authoritative business credit appraisal agency is a nod and a full respect to its financial strength and credit. The Company will consistently abide by commercial ethics and keep friendly cooperation to achieve mutual benefit, on the principle of honesty and integrity.