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KTC named a "Shenzhen Caring Enterprise"
Source:KTC / Send time:2018-09-21

As the "September 9th Charity Day" events recently drew to a close, KTC was named a "Shenzhen Caring Enterprise" by the Shenzhen Charity Federation.

The theme of this year's event was “Focus on Education, Care for the Soul.” Its goal was to create a positive environment for childhood growth so that every child may experience a caring education, and to help them to grow up in a healthy way. Since our establishment, KTC has always remembered our original aspirations, and has given back to society through practical action. We care deeply about the environment in which children are educated and raised. This is why KTC has repeatedly donated funds and supplies to schools, and actively participates in charity events that benefit children. Children are the future of our nation, and caring for the healthy growth of children is a responsibility that all of society shares. This responsibility motivates KTC to forge ahead on the path of public charity. We also hope that everyone can contribute to creating a healthy society for children to grow up in.

In addition, KTC cares deeply about the lives of our staff, and strives to benefit our employees in as many ways as possible. KTC has established a dedicated mutual fund to lend a helping hand to struggling employees. To date, KTC's employee mutual benefit fund has provided around 1.3 million RMB in assistance to our staff members. KTC has always been committed to charity, holding fast to our motto “Building a Brand with Heart, Spreading Hope through Love.” Even as we pursue economic return, we have focused more on creating social benefits; not only have we created immense economic wealth, we have also contributed to the healthy development of society. KTC will, as always, continue to strive to create greater value for society.

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