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KTC listed among “2018 China Top 100 Electronics Enterprises”
Source:KTC / Send time:2018-08-01

On July 31, the news conference of “2018 China Top 100 Electronics Enterprises” was held in Changchun. Zhou Zixue, vice chairman and secretary of the China Information Technology Industry Federation, released the list for 2018. And KTC was listed among them.

In the conference, vice-chairman Zhou pointed out that the top 100 enterprises in the new era are characterized by larger scale, higher profitability, improved R&D capability, deepened cross-border operation, accelerated strategic transformation, and enhanced consciousness of responsibility. Mr. Zhou also stated that, over the past thirty years, these enterprises have gone through transformations in economic structure, market structure, and product and service mix, and realized an all-round upgrade in scale, profitability, technology and brand, and that, now larger and more competitive, these enterprises figure prominently in leading the industrial development and upholding the structural reform.

Over the years, KTC has relentlessly stayed true to its operation philosophy of “Honest operation, focus on quality and service” and its commitment to providing high standard products and services. KTC has always attached importance to technologic innovation to intensify efforts in new product R&D, and in response to the national strategies, fulfilled industrial upgrading. While focusing on domestic market, KTC also spares no efforts to expand its foreign businesses. This strategy helps bring more revenue and larger scale. Also, as a company aiming at both economic return and social welfare, KTC actively assumes its social responsibilities.

Encouraged by this repeated recognition of KTC’s efforts and capability, KTC will work harder to bring more value to society.

KTC listed among “2018 China Top 100 Electronics Enterprises”