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KTC Was Nominated for the Shenzhen Industrial Award
Source:KTC / Send time:2018-05-25

Recently, KTC was honored as a nominee for the Shenzhen Industrial Award by the Federation of Shenzhen Industries and the Shenzhen Economic Daily. Totally 15 enterprises in Shenzhen were conferred the Shenzhen Industrial Award or nominated for the award.

As is known to all, the Shenzhen Industrial Award is cosponsored by the Federation of Shenzhen Industries and the Shenzhen Economic Daily to encourage competence for excellence and to set up benchmarks for “Shenzhen Quality” in Shenzhen industries. This biennial event features strict application requirements: Each applicant shall be industry-leading in the domestic market in terms of main industrial economic indicators; possess core technologies and independent intellectual property rights, and have industry-leading capacity for independent innovation; advance steadily the brand strategy and have strong market competitiveness; actively promote the integration of industrialization and informatization; actively perform its responsibilities in guaranteeing product quality, and have a high credibility level; actively fulfill its social responsibilities, have a high level of social recognition, and drive corporate, regional and industrial development.

In the new era, KTC, centering on innovative development, is dedicated to continuous innovation in R&D of technologies and business models. Meanwhile, in order to accelerate systematic, standard and sustainable operation and development, the Company has set up an informatization and industrialization project team, and passed the informatization and industrialization management system certification, which lays a solid foundation for the Company to transform into an intelligent plant, and to reduce energy consumption and improve quality and efficiency.

This honor highly affirms KTC’s contribution to the development of Shenzhen industries. It also motivates KTC to unswervingly march forward, aiming to become a world-class professional manufacturer of smart flat panel display products.

KTC Was Nominated for the Shenzhen Industrial Award